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Medicinal chemistry scaffold and building blocks
- Scale-up of selected compounds for further evaluation
- Reference compound, assay standard, and metabolite
- Key and advanced intermediates
- Synthetic pathway design, evaluation and route scouting
- Research and development of chemical processes suitable for the synthesis of preclinical and phase I/II study materials from the original medicinal chemistry route
- Process improvement of existing chemical process
- Validation of process technical package provided by customers
- Production of non-GMP material and advanced intermediates up to hundreds of kilograms
- Hit-to-lead and lead optimization
- Optimizing selectivity, binding, or inhibition activity to improve potency and selectivity
- Enhancing ADMET and pharmacokinetic properties
- Conducting SAR analyses
- Novelty assessment
- Backup molecules and fast-follow candidates
- Focused library set for improved activities
- Establishment, expansion, and protection of customer’s IP